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The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority National Educational Foundation was created to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.  One of the Foundation’s primary objectives is financial support to needy students for higher education through its scholarships. Scholarships are rewarded annually, for both undergraduate and graduate study, and are processed through the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee.

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In 1996, the Dorothy Perrault-Omicron Nu Zeta Chapter Perpetual Scholarship Endowment Fund was initiated and created by Soror Perrault for the Foundation in the amount of $57,000; which exceeded the $50,000 goal. The interest for the fund supports scholarship operations of the Foundation and local scholarships awarded by Omicron Nu Zeta Chapter.

The creation of the Soror Mildred Spicer West memorial scholarship was established with provisions from Past International President Dr. Barbara West Carpenter, her daughter, and continues to grow to endowment status. Named endowment status begins at $40,000.

In 2006 Past International President Barbara C. Moore established a One Million Dollar Endowment Fund for the Foundation. In 2008 she recommended and the Zeta National Executive Board adopted the Endowment Fund as a perpetual entity.

Since 1975, the Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships and fellowships for higher education to both Zetas and Non-Zetas. The Foundation has processed hundreds of other scholarships, as a part of its Chapter Designated Scholarship program, established in 1980. Under the program, local scholarships and fellowships are awarded by chapters throughout the country.

The Foundation’s scholarship program is funded by support of its principal donor, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. through chapter tax and life member fees, by contributions and gifts from members and chapters, by Board of Managers’ contributions and fundraising, memorial scholarships, as well as fundraising at the Regional and State levels. Endowments have been established for the Foundation at the National level, Chapter level, and by the Board of Managers.

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The Foundation annually provides financial assistance to worthy students pursuing higher education both at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. All scholarships are paid to the college or university and not directly to the student.

You may apply for more than one scholarship, but you must submit a full package for each scholarship applied for.
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