Greater St. Louis Chapter of WIFS

St. Louis, Missouri

February 26, 2020

11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
You are Invited to Join Us:

Fast & Furious
By:  Aprille Trupiano

Description of the talk:
Volunteers from those in attendance will share their best idea or piece of business advice in 60 seconds or less.  Attendees will vote for their favorite winner. The winner will receive a surprise gift.  Everyone will walk away with strategic ides that can be implemented immediately.

About our Speaker:

Aprille Trupiano

For 15 years, Aprille has  worked with business owners around the globe - focusing in the US particularly in the financial services, mortgages, and insurance (Life Insurance, P&C Insurance, Health Insurance) - to blow the lid off their business as their Executive Coach for Financial Services, Executive Coach Insurance Agents, Executive Coach Loan Officers, Executive Coach Banking, Executive Coach Financial Advisors & Financial Planners.

As an Executive Coach for Financial Services, Executive Coach Financial Advisors & Financial Planners, Executive Coach Loan Officers, Executive Coach Insurance Agents, Executive Coach Banking, I teach them to spend more time with family, play more and STILL make money at the office - so they can finally have it all.

After using my proven proprietary systems, clients say they make more money than ever before (without working harder) and have more fun doing it! They spend more time doing what they truly love to do - both in their business and in their lives outside the business.
 In Dec 2018, Aprille became An Ambassador at Large serving the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Aprille Trupiano

 Event Location:
IL Bel Lago 11631 Olive Blvd
Creve Coeur, MO 63141


WIFS Community Outreach  

Hello everyone –
At the last WIFS board meeting, it was decided that it would be terrific if the St. Louis WIFS chapter would participate in a Community Outreach.  There is a local Winter Shelter for homeless women that needs our help. The Grace and Peace Winter Shelter has been offering temporary, overnight shelter during the colder months to homeless women of St. Louis since 1986. The Winter Shelter operates in the basement of Grace and Peace's building in an urban area on the west side of the city. In order to shelter ladies, feed them, keep them warm, give them basic necessities and show them Christ’s love in the day-to-day, they will need funds. They still need to raise about $46,000 to cover all the Shelter costs through March 2020.  More information on their website:
We can do our part by making 50 blessing bags.  If there is something on this list you would like to contribute, let the group know.   The board has already started the collection.  I’ve put names by the items that people have contributed or will be contributing.  Please note, we are not concerned if there are duplicate items. 
Requested items for the blessing bags include (but not limited to):
Chapstick – Carrie
Hairbands/headbands (cloth)
Sanitary napkins/tampons/liners (all sizes)
Panties (more large/XL/XXL sizes)
Socks- Kelli
Individual packs of wet wipes
Non-scented lotions- Stephanie
Ladies deodorant
Toothbrush/paste- Anna
Granola bar/snack- Kelli
Bags/Ziplocks and anything not covered by January 22nd meeting - JoAnna

Between Jan 9 and Jan 22nd we will advertise on our website for members to bring items to the January 22nd luncheon if they want.  Please note, there is no pressure to participate. 
On January 22nd at the member luncheon, JoAnna will bring small/prayer/affirmation cards for our members to personalize and include in the blessing bags.

All extra bulk items collected at the luncheon such as panties, socks, sanitary napkins, etc. we will donate with the blessing bags.
In addition, there is a monetary campaign open for the 1st quarter of 2020 to raise $46,000 by end of March.  If you would rather give cash, the instructions are as follows:

You can make a donation via PayPal if you wish. To do so, go to , and select the Send Money and Personal tabs. Under the Personal tab, choose Gift. Designate the receiver as,  and the MEMO "Shelter".  Or, you can send a check via U. S. Mail or using your bank's Bill Pay function. The address is 5574 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63112.
The Shelter is a ministry of Grace & Peace Fellowship, which is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. This means that donations are tax-deductible for donors, according to current IRS policies.
Joanna has graciously volunteered to deliver the blessing bags and extra items to the shelter after the January 22nd meeting.  If you have not signed up for the meeting, please do. Carrie Nelson, our speaker, has put together a terrific presentation just for Women in Insurance and Financial Services.  We look forward to seeing you and your guests.

Thank you,
WIFS Greater St. Louis Chapter


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The Vision of the Greater St. Louis Chapter of WIFS is to provide industry knowledge, best practices, leadership development, networking opportunities and support for women in all financial services related industries.

The Greater St. Louis Chapter of WIFS was founded in 2015. We are committed to advancing women working in all areas of the financial services industry in the greater St. Louis area.

We meet monthly for lunch-and-learn style meetings that feature a guest speaker on a topic that positively impacts the success of our Member's business. Each meeting also includes mastermind time which gives you one on one connection with Members and guests when you need resources, ideas, and inspiration to grow your business.

In addition to structured monthly meetings, we enjoy making meaningful connections and having fun! We have quarterly social events which strengthen our relationships and grow our sphere of influence in a more relaxed environment.

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