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Houston, Texas

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The Surge, a Houston Dynamo Supporters Group

You probably have a few questions, and we hope we can answer them below. If not, you can send us an email at, and we will reach back out as quickly as possible.

Note: If you wish to become a member you must agree to The Surge Code of Conduct, and then click on the Join Group button.

What is The Surge?

The Surge is a Supporters Group for the Houston Dynamo, but we also support the Houston Dash and other soccer teams in the Greater Houston area.

Don't the Houston Dynamo have two supporters groups already? Is a third really necessary?
The Houston Dynamo do indeed have two official supporters groups, Texian Army and El Batallon, and they each bring their own culture to supporting the club. We have an immense respect for what these two have built over the years. However, we have spoken with many fans, and found many who do not feel they fit into either group. These fans still want to be supporters, to wear their passion on their sleeves, but they want to do so in whichever ways they feel best represents them. This is where we feel The Surge can help fill that need.

What makes The Surge different?
That is a tough one, but it comes down to who you ask.

For some, what sets The Surge apart is our commitment to supporting the club at every level. This includes the Dynamo Academy, the Houston Dash, the Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Clubs, and even the Rio Grande Valley Toros.

For others, it is our commitment to becoming a community of Dynamo fans and supporters. We have a firm belief in living life together, and that means where one of our own has a need, we want to be there for them as a family of supporters and fill that need however we can.

Yet still others might say what sets us apart is our commitment to inclusion. One of the most amazing parts of being in the Greater Houston area is the melting pot of cultures. We believe The Surge should reflect that diversity as well. Our members can and do support how they want so long as they remain active and engaged as fans, but they also agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Note: The Surge does not condone nor tolerate violent acts or acts of violent aggression by our members. There are consequences for those members who opt to engage in such acts.

Does membership into The Surge cover the $35 Supporters Section annual fee?
The $35 Supporters Section annual fee is an additional charge levied by the Houston Dynamo to cover various annual supporters-related events and expenses. This fee is separate from the cost of membership for The Surge, but we feel we will be able to provide enough value in our memberships that the additional membership cost will be offset tremendously and prove worthwhile for you. (Ex: We are currently working with local area businesses to offer discounts for our members when they show their membership card.)

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