FRC Team 753

Bend, Oregon

Every year we design and create a robot, which we then take to competitions to compete with teams from all over the United States. Since we are the oldest FIRST Robotics Competition team in Bend, other FIRST teams (FLL, FTC, and FRC) depend on our team members' involvement for their success.

2016 Season Highlights

Zolo Media featured our team as their "Daily Upload" story on March 24, 2016. Watch it here:

Wilsonville Tournament: Ranked 13th after qualifying matches, first pick for 6th seed finals alliance, Quarter-finalists, and winner of the Xerox Creativity Award (given to acknowledge the team's unique approach to robot design and game play).

Philomath Tournament: Ranked 6th after qualifying matches, 5th seed finals alliance captain, Semi-finalists (upset the 4th seed alliance in the Quarter-finals), and winner of the Judges Award (a discretionary award, which was given to acknowledge the team's commitment to sharing their passion for STEM with the youth of Central Oregon). Highlights of the event can be viewed at:

Pacific Northwest District Championship: As of March 30, 2016 the High Desert Droids are ranked 26th in the Pacific Northwest District.

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Weekly meetings have been cancelled for the Summer break. We will resume meeting weekly on Monday, August 15th at 6pm.

During the school season (September to June) we meet every Monday at 6pm. Join us in the Physics classroom at Mountain View High School if you are interested in seeing what robotics team is all about.

Student Registration / Logistics
The team, school district, and national FIRST all require specific information for students to participate in our robotics team. While they may attend meetings, all of these registration steps must be completed before students may participate in tournaments, travel, and other team events.
Student Registration Packet - Team 753 forms
Youth Team Member Registration (STIMS) - FIRST forms

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FIRST Robotics Team 753, known as the High Desert Droids, has been bringing engineering and science opportunities to our local youth since 2002. We are thrilled to have both home-schooled and traditional students from Mountain View, Bend High, Summit, Ridgeview, and Redmond Proficiency Academy as members of our team. The rival high schools collaborate to build one team robot that will compete with other groups from around the globe. We have about 30 team members who are excited to build amazing robots!
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