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Founder Leah AudreyThank you for visiting our TCE Network Page!  

Over 10 years ago four incredible ladies (Charley, Leah, Bernice & Marilyn), had coffee together on a Saturday morning sharing their dreams, challenges, and a determination to support each other.  They felt comfortable talking in a safe environment and many of them hated the thought of aggressive networking events that made them feel awkward and uncomfortable.  (Photo:  Founding Member Leah S, Virginia Beach, VA).  Of course, they invited me, your Career Engineer,  to join them for weekly coffee as I shared content that both educated, encouraged, and empowered with a mission to keep hustlers, spammers and scammers away.  

Founder Charley YanceyFast forward ....that gathering became the TCE Career Network and we later added business owners as many of our career professionals had business ideas...but we're getting hustled by service who hurt versus helped their business.  (Photo:  Founding Member, Charley Y, the Capital Region (DMV))

Today, we have members both online and offline and we are  STILL committed to our early values of organic TCE REALationshps building that empowers, encourages, and educates.  So, if you can benefit from a genuine community built on value, authenticity, transparency, inspiration, motivation, and trust;
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TCE is a #NoHustleZone
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When you use TCE and Francina's expertise, you have an opportunity to understand your best attributes as an employee. She can bring you to understanding why you are hire-able, as well as helping you to overcome any weak points. With her helping to compose your CV, you can be sure to have an accurate depiction of the skills you bring to an organization. (Tricia B., Social Media Manager, Washington DC )

"...I would like to thank you, Francina Harrison, for allowing God to use you to help me not to get anxious but to get prepared and build REALationships! You rock! I have also been blessed to get my business 6 Cs to Success, LLC SWaM certified, which provides life skills building and social skills services (life/success coaching)."  

TCE Consult  "...There is a reason why she is called The Career Engineer. My experience with Francina was like watching a conductor pulling together instruments to make beautiful music. She is able to tweak your skill sets or help you rediscover talents that lay dormant for years. I could tell you more, book a session, and you will see. Have you been Engineered by the Career Engineer?" Opal. C (TCE Member Maryland)