Partnering for Success

  • Quick & simple payments

    PayPal Express Checkout gives your members confidence and convenience when making online payments. Streamlined login makes it easy to pay directly from a PayPal account, while the simple guest checkout still allows users to use a new card on the fly.
  • Fundraisers

    Build a fundraiser site to collect donations for your initiatives! With a progress meter, photos, video, live donor ticker, fundraiser pages and more, donation sites are an easy way to increase awareness and meet your goals.
  • Events & RSVPs

    Schedule an event with powerful customized event pages. Manage your guest list, gauge attendance with RSVPs, send polished invitations & sell tickets online.
  • Membership levels & dues

    Simplify and automate membership renewal with memberplanet and PayPal. Keep it simple with a one-size-fits-all membership payment, or set up tiered membership levels with individual prices, renewal periods and reminder messages.
  • memberplanet

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