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The Whittier PTA mission is to partner with and advocate for students, families and teachers to provide a safe and inclusive environment, equitable resources, and engaging opportunities to enable all of our children to reach their full, unique potential.

When you join the PTA you help support this mission with your support and involvement!

When you're done here, be sure to join us on Konstella (or update your info on Konstella) so you will be in-the-loop on all the PTA news this year! Right-click the link and open in new tab now, so you don't forget!

MEMBERS FROM LAST YEAR:  There is a bug in the system... anyone who registered last year, will need to click into edit their profile, even if it says "Profile complete" to make sure all the * fields are filled in (because they may not be - even if it says "Profile complete". Kids need their grade). Once that is done, you'll be able to click through and complete your membership. Thank you! Please email with questions. 



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