2023-2024 Registration Packet

Welcome to the Ridgecrest Intermediate School Back to School Packet!


Submit one RIS registration packet per family. Be sure you are able to complete the packet in one sitting.

For the quickest and easiest registration, please use the login button in the upper right hand corner of the page to create a memberplanet profile or login to your existing one (if you have created one in the past). By creating or logging in to your memberplanet profile, you are able to more quickly complete your packet. To begin the registration process, click on "VIEW THE PACKET" in the right column. Please complete the entire packet and submit it online.

If you make a mistake on a form after submitting a page and need to go back:
1. Select "Return to Full Summary" in the upper left hand corner of the packet to return to the main page of the packet.
2. Select the gear icon next to the name of the form you need to revise, clear your answers, and refill out the page.
Please make sure you check your responses carefully before submitting the completed packet.  Once you have SUBMITTED the full packet, you CANNOT go back and edit the packet.  You will receive an email confirmation of completion upon successful submission.
If you feel you have made an error on your submitted packet or do not receive a confirmation email, please send an email to: 1stvp.risptsa@gmail.com detailing the error, and you will be contacted.

Member Planet will not use your email for any communications.Your email address is only used to register and to receive RIS PTSA/Booster communications.

Credit cards, debit cards or e-checks are the preferred method of payment for MemberPlanet online registration. Transactions on your statement will be listed as "Memberplanet, LLC" or "MP". If you need a refund or are confused about a transaction, simply reach out to Memberplanet through their support website: support.memberplanet.com.


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