2023 Membership Purchase Packet

The 2023 Membership Purchase Packet
Individuals, Counties, Organizations, and Companies
Membership Term: January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023

NOTE-1: FOR BOTH Single & Multiple Member Purchases - You MUST FILL OUT the 2023 Member Information Form. You will receive a Link to the 2023 Member Information Form in your Purchase Receipt email.
This 2023 Membership Purchase Packet is for purchasing Memberships to the Pennsylvania Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians for the year 2023.

You Can Purchase:
1 - An Individual Membership (one single person)
2 - Multiple Memberships - Counties, Organizations, and Companies wanting to purchase Memberships for their associates (multiple people)

Your Payment Options:
You have the option to pay by: Credit Card, Echeck, or Pay By Mail. 

Pay by Mail does not have a service fee associated with it.
Select: Other Option to Pay by Mail

NOTE-2: Due to the Extreme Spam Filtering on some municipality networks, we recommend using the Members PERSONAL Email Address - NOT their Work Email Address when filling out any form.

Thanks you for your interest in the Pennsylvania Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians.

Questions - Contact: Valerie Zents:

To Purchase 2023 Memberships to the PAHMT...
Click Below on Page 1: 2023 Membership Purchase Form


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