5th Annual Flatfish Tournament



It's that time of the year again and The 5th Annual Flatfish Classic is just around the corner. This year's tournament is shaping up to be even better than ever!

In previous years, we have strived to make every single participant a winner by providing some sort of SWAG and raffle prize for nearly every participant. This requires a tremendous amount of time and resources. As the tournament grows, the raffle and awards ceremony has required an extended period of time.


We realize that after 2 long days of incredible fishing, most folks aren't interested in a long drawn out awards ceremony. Most want to get home and rest while many still have some fish to clean. WE GET IT! In an effort to expedite the awards ceremony process, we have decided to provide FEWER but BETTER raffle prizes to our participants.

This year's raffle will include 30+ raffle prizes valued at anywhere from $100.00 - $400.00! That means that about 1/4 of our participants will be walking away with some pretty sweet SWAG just for showing up! This will also shorten the awards ceremony tremendously. Raffle winners must be present.


As always, every legal halibut (22 inches or greater) presented to the measuring station will earn the fisherman a chance to win a special BONUS prize. This year's bonus prize is a Yeti Tundra Cooler. HOW COOL IS THAT?

In addition, the 5th Annual Flatfish Classic will include a new bonus category for heaviest seabass or yellowtail. These 2 species will be combined into one class that is separate and distinct from the flatfish (halibut) tournament. This bonus class entry will be "Calcutta-style" with the winner receiving a custom rod and real worth $500.
The entry fee for this bonus class is an optional $25.00. Get hooked up now!

Please check out the website for additional details. If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email at flatfishclassic@yahoo.com.



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