2018 Field Staff Conference

2018 FEA Field Staff Conference
We are reaching new heights with this year’s FEA Field Staff Conference. We have a great line up of educational sessions with wonderful new enhancements. The DRAFT SCHEDULE can be viewed here

In order to provide field staff with the most advanced training for their work with undergraduate members, this year's FEA Field Staff Conference will feature a unique opportunity for participants to experience deeper insight into their strengths, motivators, and behaviors by taking the Birkman Method personality assessment. 

In partnership with Plaid, LLC. participants will complete the assessment prior to the conference and receive personalized insight into their unique characteristics and qualities. The conference will then feature sessions that help participants apply their strengths to their work. All of this insight comes to you at no additional cost. Once registered for the conference, participants will receive instructions for completing the assessment through Plaid's LMS. 

In 2018 participants will have the opportunity to participate in pre-con events on Monday afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. For the women, MJ Insurance and Zeta Tau Alpha are providing Risk Management on the Road and for the men, the North-American Interfraternity Conference will be hosting, Creating Cultural Change On Campus. Both opportunities are being offered free of charge and can be added to your Field Staff Registration.
Changing Fraternal Culture on Campus – North-American Interfraternity Conference
Fraternities are at a turning point—a critical moment. To thrive today and beyond, fraternal culture must evolve. Through extraordinary interfraternal collaboration, men’s fraternities came together to chart a bold course for the future. Their work resulted in sweeping changes to the NIC aimed at creating vibrant, healthy fraternity communities—one community at a time.
Since all NIC organizations have come together to help shape cultural change on college campuses, fraternity staff will play a key role in supporting, advocating, and shaping this collective effort. This free afternoon session will fully explain, explore, and share the NIC goals and our vision for fraternity communities to help us foster effective peer governance, the cultivation of fraternity men and to address the misuse of alcohol through enhanced health and safety measures.
Risk Management on the Road – Zeta Tau Alpha and MJ Insurance
Since its debut in 2005, the Risk Management on the Road program has been preparing NPC community members for their new professional jobs working with collegiate chapters and alumnae volunteers.  Risk management and education changes at an increasingly rapid pace. MJ Insurance and Zeta Tau Alpha partner with experts to provide holistic training and resources on key topics like alcohol, mental health, sexual assault awareness and prevention, and other issues impacting today’s collegians.

Available Post-Cons

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