East Hill PTA Membership - Online Join

Welcome to our membership page - we value your support!  East Hill PTA strives to enrich the school community through fun, educational events and programs (monthly popcorn days, seasonal family engagement, etc.). Your participation helps make this happen.

Click the blue button to the right to become a member for the current school year. You will need to sign up for a Memberplanet account to complete the process.

The first page you see will be where you input your contact information. You can also sign up for our mailing lists.

The next page will be where you can add additional membership registrations to your order in case you are purchasing for family members. You also have the option of listing family members for inclusion in the PTA database even without purchasing additional memberships.

Proceed through the menus, then complete the payment page. Accepted forms of payment include credit card and ACH transfers from your bank account. 

Thank you for your support of YOUR PTA!  

East Hill Elementary PTA
PO Box 5576
Kent, WA, 98064


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