Chamber PTA Membership 2023-2024

Embracing the diversity of our school, the mission of Chambers Primary PTA is to enrich the educational experience of children and their families, connect the home, school and community and provide support to teachers and administration.

How do we do this? 

We provide school upgrades to ensure a safe, enriching and technological updated environment to learn. We attend to the needs of all children through specialized programs. We hold school events and fundraisers to raise money, foster parent involvement and create memories. We provide teacher and administration support and appreciation because happy teachers benefit the students. We connect and grow our community through events and ever changing technology.

Why should you join Chambers Primary PTA?

1. Children Benefit - Research shows that participating in your child's school and showing engagement helps them perform better academically.

2. The School Benefits - PTA performs support for school teachers and administration, which in turn creates a positive and caring atmosphere in the school.

3. Make Connections - Get to know the teachers and staff better and make life-long friends with other parents at the school.

4. It's Good for You - Socializing with other parents and volunteering to do good for your child's school is fun, healthy and rewarding! 

Are there any other benefits?

As a PTA member you'll have access to discounts with car rentals, events, vacations, clothes and more!!,on%20LEGO%C2%AE%20Bag%20products%20by%20Carry%20Gear%20Solutions.

We're excited to have you join us on our mission as a Chambers Primary PTA Member!


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