Danish Society Oikos


Danish Society Oikos is a professional network for students and professionals in ecology research
(not "ecological" farming, which is something else)

Danish Society Oikos is a section of Nordic Society Oikos, which publishes international scientific journals within the field of ecology: The revenue from these journals support activities of the Nordic and national Oikos societies.
Both the Danish and Nordic societies arrange scientific meetings; the national meetings alternate biennially with the joint Nordic meetings. The goal of these meetings is both to present new and exciting ecological research and to provide a place where especially students and young researchers can present their work and develop future scientific networks. The Oikos society includes national sections from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland.

Danish Oikos donates a number of stipends for students to participate in the joint biennial Nordic meetings

In connection with the national meetings, Danish Oikos arranges student workshops on topics of general interest to PhD students and postdocs. Two of our previous workshops have thus covered various aspects of writing and publishing scientific papers

Danish Oikos will in the future also support other minor workshops, arranged and applied for by members. The goal of these workshops is to promote networking among students and young researchers across Danish institutions in the field of ecological research

Danish Oikos runs this administrative site on "memberplanet" (where you are now) which is primarily used for for meeting and workshop sign-up, storing societal statutes, minutes etc, and for internal member administration

We also run an active Facebook group, which is used to post news, job posts, activities, etc. Please sign up if you are interested to join this group
If you want to become a member, use the "Join group" button in the right side of this page, or contact one of us