Nancy Miller for Senate

Steinhatchee, Florida

Join Nancy Miller's Campaign to stand for Florida and Her Veterans Today!

   Click to see more pics of               My cousin Tommy Hubbard died in service in Vietnam.  
       Veterans For Nancy                  This was  the flag on his coffin, given to my Father.  
                                                                        We remember him every holiday by displaying this flag.

Why I'm Running for Senate:

To restore respect for our Constitution, to support our Veterans and those still serving, to defend our rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, to reinstate honor for our Heroes and Patriots the men and women who brought pride in being an American, and to bring Common Sense back to our government.  I will be a champion of Prosperity through lower taxes and smaller government, a defender of our individual Liberties, and a protector of our Florida History and Heritage. 

I also place special emphasis on education, both formal and informal.  I believe Floridians can come together and work for shared goals and values.  We have inherited a glorious legacy from our Founding Fathers and it is our duty to respect and champion that inheritance.”


A Little about Nancy:

Nancy’s family settled in Florida before it was a state and have a long history of service to our great Republic.  Her roots are deep in our Southern soil, and she has a great love for Florida and her people.  She has dedicated her life in service to Florida’s Veterans, of all conflicts, and is a member of countless organizations whose purpose is to honor them.  She lives in Steinhatchee with her canine daughter, Emily.


Press Releases:

June 25, 2016


News Coverage:

East Orlando Post - July 18, 2016


Nancy with members of National Society Daughters of 1812 with Dale Cox, Historian and Author

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