Monotype Guild of New England

332 members | Massachusetts

Dedicated to the art of the unique print, the Monotype Guild of New England is a national, nonprofit organization that fosters understanding and appreciation of monotypes and monoprints. It sponsors exhibitions, workshops, and other special programs for its members and the public.

Members receive news of opportunities through regular email blasts, as well as being posted on the Guild website. Images by members are featured in an online gallery. Currently there are over 200 members, who volunteer for the Board as well as exhibition and workshop duties. There is no jurying requirement for membership.

The Guild has sponsored over 100 open, juried and curated exhibitions in its thirty year history. These exhibitions showcase the work of our members and monoprinters throughout the country, revealing the diverse range of traditional and innovative monoprinting techniques being used today. For example, the Guild participated in an international exchange exhibition with unique print artists from Western Australia. This joint exhibition toured five galleries and museums in Australia and four in New England.

Founded in 1985 by Beverly Edwards, the Monotype Guild of New England is a nonprofit organization. MGNE recently introduced two new classes of membership to include student artists and sustaining members. Now open to artists throughout the United States, the Guild currently has artist members from seven states outside of New England, as well as members from all six New England States.