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This Mercenary camp work closely with the brave knights of the Joust, protecting the spectators as well as the Jousters themselves.

Our Mercenaries ares  skilled in the mundane and routine tasks of daily life.
The encampment shows what a common day in the life of a Mercenary looks like, including spinning, weaving, sewing, cooking and candle making.


Jousting in its original form has generally been credited to a French man named Geoffori de Pruelli.

The “sport” - actually more of an occupation at the time - spread from France to Germany, then to England, and finally into southern Europe during the tenth to twelfth centuries. Jousting tournaments were held as military exercises between the various nobles. Such tournaments, starting peacefully, often turned into bloody battles between jealous champions. Gradually these petty local wars became more sport oriented and sophisticated and less a matter of life or death.

Winning such tournaments was one way for a lowborn knight to make a quick name for himself, and win riches beyond ordinary dreams. Knights were considered gentlemen and were required to abide by the ideas of chivalry and fair play, then in vogue. Much of the credit for this fair-play code has always gone to King Arthur and the tales of the Round Table, a thirteenth century tale.
The death of several nobles and at least one king, King Henry II of France in 1559, brought about the demise of the man-to-man type of jousting. It was also during this time that gunpowder was introduced into Europe from the orient. Guns made warfare by horse-mounted lancers obsolete overnight. Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore, of the “colonies” is reported to have been the first to introduce jousting here in America.



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