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International Pagan Music Association
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The International Pagan Music Association (IPMA) is an organization who’s time has come. Pagan and alternative music has been around for as long as there has been Human sound. There are many organizations that promote and honor musicians in the general public however there has never been a specific award for pagan and alternative music. The IPMA is committed to support,, publish, research, and promote pagan and alternative music and esoteric arts, sciences and concepts. Your membership comes with huge benefits and an opportunity to make sure your favorite Pagan Celebrity is Honored. Bands get 100% promotions through TV, Radio and Magazine Media and a great discount benefits package plus become automatically nominated for the annual music award.Plus your membership is a professional membership and thus can be deducted from annual taxes.
Members get a great benefits package as well as assist in deciding the winner of the annual awards. One small discount can easily cover the cost of an entire years membership.

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