Humanists of Linn County

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Our mission is to create a supportive and vibrant non-theist community in Eastern Iowa through secular education, community and political activism and the promotion of reason, compassion, and critical thinking.

Humanists of Linn County is a secular group without any religious or new age underpinnings. Secular Humanists and nontheists (atheists, agnostics, rationalists, naturalists) are the core of our organization, but we are happy to work with friends and allies on common goals such as the defense of our civil liberties and the separation of church and state. For more information about Humanism and the mission of the AHA, please visit their web page at

Becoming a Member
The easiest way to join is to start a basic Annual Membership. This gives you voting rights at our Annual Meeting each year in October and is only $30 per year. Click the "Join our group" button to the right to become a member today!

Sustaining Memberships
Sustaining memberships offer a way for you to be recognized for the contributions you are able to give. Take on the title of "Supporter", "Partner", "Patron", or "Advocate" by donating on a yearly or monthly basis at four different levels. All of these levels provide the benefits of our normal Annual Membership including voting rights.

The "Supporter" level entitles you to the choice of one branded gift around the time of our Annual Meeting (please speak with a board member to claim your gift). For less than 33 cents per day, you can help make a huge difference in our local Humanist community. Your donations support our continued events, activism, and charity work right here in Linn County.

If you are feeling especially generous you can look at our higher level sustaining memberships which entitle you to up to four different branded gift items like coffee mugs, tote bags, and notebooks. These items will be different each year and will be revealed around the time of the Annual Meeting. These higher donation levels will enable HLC to build and grow for the future. Click the "Join our group" button in the upper right to see all membership options.


Contact us

Marcia Swift
P.O. Box 281

Cedar Rapids, IA, 52406