The Book Club of Grosse Ile

78 members | Grosse Ile, Michigan

Established in 1934 as a response to the lack of a library on the Island, The Book Club of Grosse Ile has developed a distinct, unique identity.  This book club is composed of scholarly women, who are looking for the challenge and stimulation only quality literature can bring.  Books are rotated twice a month, which gives members the opportunity to read over 20 new books per year.  There are three speakers during the year, most of whom are authors, who shine light on various subjects including the writing process.  In addition, two book discussions allow members to interact and reflect on current literature and topics.  Coming together for various activities brings about joyful, spirited interaction among members.  The Book Club of Grosse Ile supplies everything a book club promises, and more!

Current Events

A link to this page is now available from the Grosse Ile Township website.  It can be found listed on the Community tab, 2nd item - Book Club.
On October 19th, 22 women met at the home of Flora Case for a lively, insightful discussion of the book, Beartown, by Fredrick Backman.  The story is about a small town that relies on its youthful hockey team to win regionally, so the town can return to prosperity.  When the star player is accused of rape, the town divides and reveals the corrupt, obsessive nature of some sports enthusiasts.  This book is rich in many currently relevant themes!

2018-2019 Board of Officers
President - Chris Dowhan-Bailey
Vice President - Katie Hartwell
Secretary - Sue Pizzimenti, Colleen Bennett
Treasurer - Ilona Macek
Past President - Flora Case
Committee Chairs
Programs - Kathy Campbell
Book Selection - Jill Craig
Hospitality - Linda VanEngelen
Circulation - Mary Adair (North), Robin Brown (Central), Michael Glover (South), Beth Brick
Book Discussion - Leigh Krauss