Austin, Texas

The story of Freshies is one that we are passionate about.  In an effort to support our homeless with one of their biggest needs our family keeps a bag full of new socks in both of our vehicles.  When we see a homeless person at an intersection, stop light or just around town we offer them a couple of pairs of fresh socks.  During one such encounter, a young homeless woman responded "thank you for the freshies, I really appreciate them!"  From there, Freshies was born!

Providing fresh socks to our homeless friends in Austin since 2014!  Currently, there are approximately 4,000 men, women and children homeless in the Austin area.  The long term goal for our organization is to provide one pair of fresh socks to each of our homeless friends each week of the year.  The math is simple, this equates to over 200,000 pairs of socks per year!