FPV Freedom Coalition

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Welcome the FPV Freedom Coalition!  

The culture of recreational First Person View (FPV) flight has and will continue to inspire a new generation of model aviation pilots. These are the people who enjoy exploring the world through a new and unique perspective, the people who find solace in the world of flight, and the people who innovate new technologies to enable the culture to thrive. The FPV community has taken the knowledge of 80 years of model aviation to the next level, allowing for a more immersive experience with new and emerging technologies.

It is through the work that we do here that we can effect change and recognition for FPV and model aviation as a whole.  It is through our members and thier contributions, skills, and talents that we can be successful.  We thank you all for everything that you do, for everything that you stand for, and for being apart of the greatest recreational hobby.