Foothills Running and Cycling Club

Golden, Colorado

Welcome to Foothills Running and Cycling Club!

Founded in 2010, we're a social group of runners and cyclists of all abilities who enjoy being outside with others in the community exploring the roads and trails of the foothills. 

Every week we offer club runs and rides that are open to all abilities.

Track Update, October 15, 2018, No More Track Until 2019! Due to the darkness and a rather chilly forecast for the next week, we have decided to end track for the 2018 season! That doesn't mean we can't schedule a special "cheat and eat" to celebrate - but the actual run is done. Thank you to all who came out and made track such an awesome experience. Special thanks to Elsa, Joe, Joan and Vivenne for their timing, coaching and general cajoling. We are all better runners for it! Spend the winter thinking of fun ways to run - and look for some Wednesday activities like hill repeats and fartleks to get you through the winter!

Cycling Update October 10, 2018, the cool weather makes for cold mornings so the Sunday morning rides are currently on hold.