Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Ozark Region (SAMC-Ozark Region)

6 members | Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC) Officers
President - SFC Parker, Shane
Vice President - 1SG Berrera, David
Secretary - MSG Fregiste, Benoit
Treasurer - SSG Inez, Salvador
Public Affairs and Webmaster - SFC Payne, Shane

The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club is a non-profit organization comprised of eliete Noncomissioned Officers with exceptional knowledge and leadership abilities who are committed to community service and enhancing quality of life for both Soldiers and Civilians.  The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club is operated solely by its members and is not affiliated with the Army.  The club raises money for activities either by donation or through fund raising activities.



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SAMC-Ozark Region
P.O. Box 22

Fort Leonard Wood, MO, 65473