Event by Terrace Park PTA 7.2.117

MATH Night

MATH Night

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PST)
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##   MATH NIGHT  ##

The joys of Math and it's uses are explored with games and projects!
Many volunteers are needed to bring back this event and make it run smoothly! Interested in helping at a table, playing games, counting how many digits of PI kids can recite, overseeing marshmallow & toothpick structures, or just being present & reminding kids to walk?
Please Volunteer using Sign-up Genuis link here!!
The more volunteers we have, the more actives we can offer at this loved event!
Please sign-up early, to help us best organize our biggest family event! Math Night Volunteers get a free meal (pizza and a drink) and front row seats to making learning fun!
Volunteer roles will clarify closer to Math Night, as we know how many for volunteers we have, and choose which activities we can support. Plan to attend with your kiddos and can help for 30-60mins while they play? We would love to have your help! Want to make this event a success going forward? We are looking for leaders who are interested in taking over the chair position as previous leaders focus on their HS kids.

Math night has been a sponsored event of the PTA since 2000.  It is a family friendly event that allows students and parents alike to play, learn and have fun - with math!  Students participate in hands on activities, construction and art projects, games, puzzles and more. There are booths for local vendors of educational and math supplies and exhibits from school and after school clubs.  Every student who attends Math Night receives a certificate for "One Free Math Homework Assignment"that can be applied with teachers limits.  Students also have the opportunity to earn prizes (3 per grade!) in multiple challenges, including estimation and remembering the most digits of pi.  How many digits can you remember? Concession items are sold at the event. We are having a Cake Walk, where you can buy or win portions or entire desserts!
Join us in the gym and commons for fun and learning! Nov. 29th 7-9pm

Event hosted by

Terrace Park PTA 7.2.117
5409 228th St SW
Mountlake Terrace, WA, 98043
Janelle Logan, Melissa Wasserman

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