November Education Meeting

November Education Meeting

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (EST)
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NOTE re: our hostess venue!  

Education Meeting
General Meeting
November 14th
Home of Bonnie Dunbar
10:30 - noon

The topic is

Freedom Starts in the Heart:  Learning to Truly Resolve Conflict for a Healthier Life

Are there issues and conflicts in your life that have you feeling like you're stuck, static, or simply standing still.  Are you feeling conflicted?  While conflict is part of our daily lives, and it's only natural that differences will arise, still few of us feel confident solving conflict in a healthy way that truly works for us.  So, we shoulder the strain as it takes it’s toll on our wellness... but there is a better way... a path of knowledge, practices, and mindset to resolve the conflict within, rise about the anxiety, and loosen ourselves from struggle.  It starts with our hearts - what we believe about others, how we practice communication, our approach to conflict resolution and our ability and willingness to forgive.  Come take a journey through these steps and more for a lighter, more hopeful heart, and a healthier life.  Thank you!

I. Relating wisely & Freeing the soul

A. Type awareness and understanding differentiation
B. Communication styles and "four horsemen" of communication
C. Relational wisdom - specific, not personal; imparting best intentions
D. Peacemaking - Overlooking, reconciliation - validating feelings, observing behaviors, solving problems
E. Living Light... Learning to Forgive and forgiveness blind spots (record-keeping and condemnation) and "safe people"

Be advised - parking around St. Armands area - you will expect to park on the street and need to walk. Please allow slightly extra time to arrive.  See you there!  


Event hosted by

Sarasota County Medical Society Alliance

Sarasota, FL,
Millicent Schandorf-Lartey

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