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Swedish Lanaguage Special Interest Group Meeting

Swedish Lanaguage Special Interest Group Meeting

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST)
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The SCC Board approved a special interest group (SIG) on the Swedish Language at the March board meeting.

Many club members have indicated their interest to learn, re-fresh, and share their own experiences in Swedish, and we hope that this SIG can build that connection within the club. There are plentiful language learning resources in this digital age from mobile apps, online courses, and zoom meetings, and we hope that this SIG can fill a niche to share ideas and resources while having a unique local connection with a welcome, supportive environment to learn Swedish. We also hope to engage SCC members of all levels of Swedish to mentor and encourage others with an interest in learning more Swedish language and culture. 

While the meeting structure of the SIG is a work in progress and will be determined by the SIG participants, we have a few ideas to get started. A key element of language learning is practice, so we suggest a weekly (perhaps biweekly) “chat” session via Zoom to converse and read short articles.

As the group grows, we can use breakout rooms within Zoom to continue small group or paired discussions. In addition to chat sessions, the SIG hopes to have special events to focus on Swedish culture, where a member guest host will share a topic, such as a historical event, must-see location in Sweden, or a well-known Swede. This type of event could be an opportunity to partner with one of the other SIGs on culinary or genealogy. For example, a member could share their experience connecting with their Swedish ancestors.

Connect with Us
We want to find ways to connect the Swedish Language SIG participants, especially during the virtual-only period. There is a new, private Facebook group “Swedish Language Practice Group for SCC”, and can be a space to share resources and information about events. Please request to join the private group, and/or email the Swedish Language co-leads Ruth Briland (ruth.briland@gmail.com) and Jane Kozak (jaghetterjane@comcast.net). We will also keep the SCC members informed through updates to the board and contributions to the newsletter. 

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Meeting ID: 852 0052 5502
Passcode: 181567

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