Høstfest 2019

Høstfest 2019

Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM (EST)
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Goodale Park Shelterhouse
120 West Goodale Street
Columbus, Ohio, United States 43215

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5 items -  2019 Höstfest Sat. Sept. 14, 930-1130 AM!

1. Still room for more to register - by 12 noon Friday 9/13 !

2. Can any of you  volunteer for outdoor games leader ? And who can decorate tables? 

3. We will contact volunteers evening of Thursday Sept 12.

4. Don't forget our extra  discussion - our Club into the future.  This topic is important for YOU ; every member ,  former members,  and  our interested  guests. We need YOUR input and comments! THANKS !

5. Contact me , Åke Hellström,  directly about Höstfest or anything - ahellstr@columbus.rr.com, cell 614 495 7312 

MEMBERS ARE FREE! Join the Club or renew your membership 2019-20, and you don't need to pay for Hostfest.  For our dear guests, the cost is $ 10 per adult. All kids 15 and below are free.
Note that this event has a cost for our Club, - from a non-trivial facility rental  to  supplies. 

EXTRA! This year we also like you to join a fruitful discussion after the meal, about our Club's journey into the future. We will tell you about  ideas and plans that have been developed during the summer, and listen to YOU. And not only  listen... your inputs will give results! 

Our journey to the future must includee significantly more member interaction. So here is your chance - Dear member (or guest!) reading this, please join Hostfest 2019 , we need YOUR inputs ! 

POTLUCK!  Please bring some breakfast food that you like to share with the group. It can be anything ... from a prodly home made Scandinavian specialty ... to any store bought goodies!
(But please be a little creative, it  would not be  nice to end up with 10 boxes of donuts)... 
The Club will provide a few staples like coffee and  other beverages, plus  basic breads etc. 

Please label your food with an index card ahead of time noting any ingredients that may be an allergin (ie: wheat, fish, nuts, strawberries, etc).

WE NEED HELP! In order to pull off this event, we need several volunteers. - In the sign-up form, please indicate what area (or areas) you might help out  with. 
EXAMPLES: Setup / teardown / cleanup, Coffe / beverages,  Decorations, Tableware / dining supplies, Breads and other staples, Outdoor games, Kids activities, Check-in desk,... (or ???) -We will get in touch with our kind volunteers to provide further instructions. Thanks for helping!. 

 We will later communicate details with our kind volunteer helpers about what-to-do..

Annual Game Tournament
The annual Molkky Tournament and a Kubb game are wating for you to play!. 

This is a rain or shine event. We are covered!


This event is free for all members. Not a member yet? As a member you get discounted admission for all of our events and 2 of them are free!
Sign up now , save money, and be a real  ScandiClub member-  for a low-low cost!

Sign up or renew membership today - CLICK HERE


  • X

    Eric Fryxell replied no
    Sorry to keep missing this one. I’ll be at synagogue.

  • Ulrika Lindmark replied yes for 2 adults

  • Ruth Briland replied yes for 1 adult

  • Steinn Jonsson replied yes for 2 adults and 3 kids

  • X

    Bette Madsen replied no
    Sounds like a fabulous time and a great way to kick off the Club's year. Unfortunately I will unable to attend this time.

  • Mette Ibba replied yes for 1 adult

  • Marilyn Johnson replied yes for 1 adult

  • Sara Garnes replied yes for 1 adult

  • Carina Silfverduk replied yes for 2 adults
    My daughter will join me.

  • Michael Lindner replied yes for 1 adult

  • Don W Larson replied yes for 2 adults and 3 kids

  • Sylvia Casas replied yes for 1 adult

  • X

    Ann Beal replied no

  • X

    Suzanne Rizer replied no
    Out of town. Sounds great.

  • X

    Kate Hodges replied no
    I hate to miss another chance to attend my first event, but we sell weekly at a farmers’ market every Saturday morning. I hope to catch the next non-Saturday event!

  • X

    Robert Holm replied no
    Sorry to miss this event. We will be out of town.

  • X

    Dale Svendsen replied no
    hate to miss this opportunity to further Journey into our Future. However, we will be in Wisconsin. this weekend.

  • Marilyn Smith, Johnson replied yes for 1 adult

  • X

    Linda Eriksson replied no
    We hate to miss Hostfest this year. We will be in North Carolina that weekend.

  • Anna Reber replied yes for 1 adult

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