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OMRA Annual General Meeting 2018

OMRA Annual General Meeting 2018

Sunday, November 25, 2018 at 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM (BST)
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Lagoona Park Clubhouse
Lagoona Park Jet Ski Centre, Pingewood Road South, Reading RG30 3UH, UK
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Dear OMRA Member

You are cordially invited to attend the 2018 Offshore Model Racing Association Annual General Meeting.  As a member of the Association, this is your opportunity to make your vote count in how OMRA is run going forward.

You are encouraged to review the OMRA rule book which can be found by clicking HERE in respect of submissions for rule changes, venues/dates, and election of Officers of Association.

Those members wishing to submit proposals for new rules or rule changes should acquaint themselves with section 8 of the rule book.  Proposers are also strongly encouraged to float their ideas in the Members-only Facebook Group in the form of a poll, in order to both promote their proposals and to gauge the likely level of support. (Please contact either the OMRA Webmaster or one of the Facebook Group Admins to assist you if you are not sure how to set up a poll).

As was thge case at last year's AGM, a buffet lunch will be provided. It would therefore be very much appreciated if you could please indicate your intention to attend and whether you will be bringing a guest or not so arrangements can be made for catering. 

Below you will find the Agenda for the AGM as required by rule 7.2, to be circulated no less than 30 days prior to the meeting. 

Sunday 25th November 2018

1. Minutes of 2017 AGM
2. Matters arising from 2017 AGM minutes
3. Chair’s Report - Karen Snewin
4. Secretary's Report - Richard Haydock
5. Treasurer's Report - Dave Sanders
6. Election of Executive Officers:
  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
(3.2 CANDIDATES. No candidate for election to any Office (other than retiring officers) shall be proposed unless the name of such candidate and his proposer shall have been sent to the Honorary Secretary two weeks before the Annual General Meeting. Candidates must be present at the AGM.
4.2 ELECTIONS. Candidates for election of the committee shall be those members of the retiring committee who shall offer themselves for re-election and such other members of the Association whose nominations duly proposed and seconded by a member of the Association in writing shall have been sent to the Honorary Secretary 15 days before the Annual General Meeting).
7. Election of Race Committee
(5.2 ELECTION Election shall be by vote at the AGM. Should vacancies arise during the year, replacements may be co-opted onto the Race Committee following approval by both the Race Committee and Executive Committee.)
8. Member Proposals
(8.1 NOTICE. Notice of any alterations or additions to the rules intended to be proposed by a member of the Association shall be given to the Secretary in writing 7 days before the Annual General Meeting or at least 15 days before any special meeting at which the same is to be brought forward and full particulars of any such proposed alterations or additions shall be set out in the notice given to the committee.
8.2 All such proposed alterations, additions and any amendments to them which may be proposed, seconded and presented at the meeting, shall be put to the vote of the meeting. The Proposer and/or the Seconder of any proposal must be present at the AGM (either in person or via internet conferencing), for the proposal to be considered at the AGM. Voting will be conducted on a show of hands (or ballot if requested) and decided by a straight majority of those present. (i.e. no postal or proxy votes).
9. Proposed Calendar
18.1 PROPOSED DATES. Event organisers shall submit their proposed dates to the Secretary, prior to the AGM if possible. Events shall not be accepted for inclusion in the calendar unless an OOD and designated second/deputy are included at the time of submission. It is the responsibility of the designated OOD to arrange for a substitute should the OOD not be able to attend and run a meeting as planned. (The Executive Committee will plan for events to be 3 weeks apart whenever possible).
10.  AOB
11.  Trophy Presentations

Lunch Break will take place at approx. 1pm  Please see the options for any special dietary requirements.


Lagoona Park Clubhouse
Lagoona Park Jet Ski Centre, Pingewood Road South, Reading RG30 3UH, UK
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Event hosted by

c/o 27 Lilleburne Drive, Chapel End
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 9SE
Karen Snewin

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