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OCASG ONLINE – Implementing Regional Center Self-Determination

OCASG ONLINE – Implementing Regional Center Self-Determination

Monday, July 22, 2024 at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PST)
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The Self-Determination Program is available for Regional Center clients as an alternative way of delivering services to help participants achieve their goals. Join Christine Tolbert, State Council of Developmental Disabilities, Melissa Jones an Independent Facilitator, and Parents who have implemented programs. Learn more about this amazing program.

About Christine Tolbert

Christine C. Tolbert serves as the Self-Determination Program (SDP) Manager within the State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD). Her commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities began over two decades ago, and her journey has been nothing short of impactful. Here’s a glimpse into her remarkable background:

Early Advocacy Roots: Christine initially worked with adolescents and young adults who faced disabilities and were either at-risk or involved in the justice system. These individuals had complex needs, including specialized health care, mental health, and behavioral health requirements.

Advocacy Across Counties: Throughout her career, Christine has been a fierce and compassionate advocate. She has worked extensively in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Her expertise lies in capacity-building and systemic change advocacy. She strives to improve equity and access in critical areas such as health care, safety, education, and employment.

Clients’ Rights Advocate: Before joining the SCDD, Christine served as the Clients’ Rights Advocate at the Lanterman Developmental Center. In this role, she provided essential consultation to residents, families, staff, attorneys, and regional centers. Her focus was on ensuring residents’ rights, especially during the center’s eventual closure.

Orange County Engagement: As the SCDD Orange County Office Advocate, Christine chaired the CalOptima Member Advisory Committee and facilitated the Health Care Task Force.
She actively participated in various inter-agency collaboratives, advocating for the needs of individuals from early start (early intervention) through to employment and post-secondary education opportunities for adults.

SDP Program Manager: Currently, Christine holds the crucial position of SDP Program Manager within the SCDD. Her role involves emphasizing the voice of the disability community, addressing their needs and gaps, and weaving these insights into the development of practices and priorities for the Self-Determination Program.

About Melissa Jones
Mellissa Jones is an Indepent Facilitator. She has been working in the disability support filed for over 25 years starting at UCP-OC as the manager of their Parent Connection program and then their Respite program.  After leaving UCP, Melissa was the manager of a local Day Program in south Orange County. 
Her daughter was my first "client" as an Independent Facilitator.  Her daugther has been in SDP for over 5 years.  Since then I have helped over 100 clients get started in Self Determination.  
Self Determination allows you to create a plan that fits your needs.  These plans are exciting and often life changing.        


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