DIForum - Collin Agee, Current Topics in Intelligence

DIForum - Collin Agee, Current Topics in Intelligence

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (EST)
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Collin Agee will present on 
Current topics in intelligence to include:

PGIP vs NIU; Military to Civilian Transition; Joint Duty Assignments (JDA); Professional Associations IAFCEA, USGIF, MICA, etc) Current Challenges (Transition from CT to Peer Competitors, Competition versus Conflict Non-Kinetic/Asymmetric Threats, and Policy Obstacles, and an Apolitical IC
Collin Agee is the Senior Army Operations Advisor to the NGA.  Previously he served as the Army Intelligence Senior Advisor for IC Engagement for six years, following two years as the Deputy for NGA’s Future Warfare Systems Office.  In 2008, he served as Deputy CJ2 Forward, the senior military intelligence officer in the US Embassy Baghdad and the Green Zone. He was the Army’s Director for ISR Integration for two years, highlighted by the Actionable Intelligence Initiative in support of and OIF and OEF.  As a contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton he supported the Army G-2 as a member of Task Force Actionable Intelligence, the US Army G2 ISR Integration Directorate and the Army Intelligence Master Plan (AIMP), where he was a co-author of the Army Intelligence Transformation Campaign Plan (AI-TCP).  He served over 20 years as an Army Intelligence Officer, with assignments including J2 Operations for US forces in Haiti, XVIII Airborne Corps ACE Chief, and Senior Intelligence Officer (G2) of the 10th Mountain Division.  He commanded Headquarters Company, 125th MI Battalion, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii and the Los Angeles Recruiting Battalion. 
Mr. Agee has an MA in Military Arts and Science from the School for Advance Military Studies (SAMS), a BS in National Security and Public Affairs from the US Military Academy and is a graduate of the Post Graduate Intelligence Program (PGIP).  Mr. Agee created and chaired the Army Intelligence Senior Steering Group (SSG) and the GEOCOM Relook Working Group and the Geospatial Training and Professional Development Subcommittee for the Geospatial Functional Manager.  He is also high school and collegiate baseball umpire as a member of the Northern Virginia Baseball Umpires Association (NVBUA).
Mr. Agee’s remarks will be off the record and not for attribution
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