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User Experience and Change Management: Marriage made in Heaven, or just Friends? (via Zoom)

User Experience and Change Management: Marriage made in Heaven, or just Friends? (via Zoom)

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (EST)
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Learn how the UX profession overlaps and interacts with OCM professionals and discuss how the two disciplines can effectively collaborate and succeed on projects and inside organizations.

What do user experience and change management have in common?

About the Event

Join Keith Instone, a career UX professional and change management interloper, as he tells his personal story of intersection between UX & CM. As he progressed in UX, he realized his work to make technology easier to use was not going to be successful without changes in the organizations he was working for (as an employee) and with (as a consultant). By attending collaborative change conferences, he was able to incorporate change methods into his UX work. At UX conferences, he found colleagues also struggling as agents of change. But we UX folks were just designing screens, not that important, right?

Enter “digital transformation”! A pizza company no longer just makes pizza, but it is now a technology company that happens to deliver pizza. Add a pandemic, where employees are working from home in front of computers all day, fighting “Zoom fatigue". To stay alive, customers are forced to shop online instead of going into a store. Now you have organizations desperate to “go digital" and the experience their users have with those screens is a matter of survival.

Keith will start with a framework for helping change management practitioners understand the buzzword that is UX. We will dive into some shared work products, like personas and journey maps. We will cover some organizational capabilities, like how UX and CM team can collaborate. We might even touch on cross-disciplinary opportunities.

This will serve as a quick introduction for the two communities of practice (here in Ohio). Maybe we will depart ways after. Maybe we will stay in touch. Maybe we will become more engaged. Join us for the first “date” and see what happens.

 About the Speaker
Keith Instone is a Research Analyst for Digital Experience at Stratascale. He has been a user experience practitioner for 25 years, as an independent consultant and at IBM. In 2007, he attended the Nexus for Change conference at BGSU, which started him down a path of learning from the field of change management.

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