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Managing the Emotions Associated with Change

Managing the Emotions Associated with Change

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EST)
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In this interactive and engaging event led by Michelle Lund, we’ll explore the nexus of the Emotional Change Curve, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the Change Style Continuum, and the Adaptability Quotient (AQ).

The discussion will identify how the social components of emotional intelligence, coupled with change styles on the continuum, can contribute to or hinder personal and professional progress. We will also explore how the adaptability quotient can be developed and improved allowing for more fluid and efficient growth. 

Michelle Lund, CPC, MSPsy, ELI-MP

Michelle Lund is an established executive and transformational coach with many years of leadership experience in the corporate world transforming organizations to their desired future state. She has established programs that are a unique combination of change management and emotional intelligence, which have found exceptional success in organizations experiencing challenging change. She has established a reputation for helping people and companies identify opportunities for revenue/profit growth, expense management, market share improvement, and more.

She is passionate about the development of individuals and teams. She thrives in projects and assignments where she can leverage her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit and identify areas for efficiency optimization. Michelle is adept at organizational excellence and consideration of potential unintended outcomes. Among her many strengths are excellent communication skills, strategic thinking, business development, and a passion for facilitating success in others.

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ACMP Ohio Chapter Community
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