Empire Supporters Club

Hawthorne, New Jersey


The Empire Supporters Club (“ESC”) is the oldest supporters club in Major League Soccer, founded before the league itself in early 1995 in anticipation of a new professional franchise in New York/New Jersey. Reflecting the community we come from, the ESC is one of the most diverse supporter’s clubs in America, unlike other clubs that are split among national styles or ethnic lines, the ESC is a microcosm of the very region we live in. We boast members from every corner of the globe and members from varied backgrounds.  Our unique make up has influenced our style in the stand, we are part South American Barra, European Ultra, part British Supporter, with local flavor thrown in. The ESC sings in both English and Spanish.


Because of our unique and diverse make up, the ESC blends influences from around the world together to create our own style of American support. We mirror the passion of the South America Barras, singing with high energy for 90 minutes; we match the dedication of European supporters, traveling across the country to support our team; we constantly update our songs with the clever and witty spontaneity of the British supporters. Together we blend these styles to create an American style of support unmatched in our country and a style very much our own.


The ESC exists to support our team and to support each other, however, the ESC is against racism, intolerance of any kind, and violence in the grounds. We believe there is no place in football/soccer for these evils of society and will not tolerate our members engaging in this type of behavior. If your goal is to further one of these causes then ESC is not for you.


2024 Memberships are currently on sale!

If think you have what it takes to passionately support the team then simply click on the “JOIN ESC” link on the mainpage. All the membership information is contained there. Once you have joined you are expected to be an active participant in the stands, not a passenger. You will be required to learn our songs and sing them loudly, you will be required to follow the instructions of the club captains in the section and above all you are required to contribute in some manner to the raucious support and energy in the section on matchday.

The club also encourages you to step up and offer any of your talents to our cause. The club is only as successful as the combined talents of its members. If you have artistic ability get in contact with our TIFO leaders to offer help, if you have a big voice or creative pen get in contact with our Song leaders, if you have video or film talents help out with our propaganda arm to create supporter videos or photos. There is always something you can do to further the growth of your club.