Decatur Parents Network

Decatur, Georgia

The Decatur Parents Network is an initiative led by the Decatur High School PTSA to engage and organize all City of Decatur parents and our community at large in support of our children.

Our Vision:
A community of parents, caregivers, and supporters helping all Decatur youth succeed.

Our Mission:
Empower families with a supportive local parenting network, parenting tools and resources, and positive, fun events to help our children navigate adolescence.

Our Goals:
1. Create and sustain a vibrant parent network that allows Decatur parents and caregivers to build strong relationships with each other and quickly share information.
2. Provide multiple avenues for Decatur parents and caregivers to access proven programs and trusted expertise. 
3. Promote and expand opportunities for our youth to engage in positive, safe, and fun activities to reduce unsupervised time when risky behavior can occur.

Parent Pledge
I will make every effort to uphold the following:
- I will encourage good choices by my children and their friends. It is my job as a parent to be an active voice, preparing them to make positive choices for fun during and after their middle and high school years.
- I will encourage open dialogue with my children regarding drugs, alcohol, relationships, private cyber lives, and other risky areas in our youth culture.
- I will expect positive relationships between my children and other youth. No bullying, cyberbullying, no illicit photography or videos, no spreading rumors, and no harmful or hateful words about others. I will talk about the mental health consequences that can result. I will endeavor to model positive behavior with my family.
- I will set expectations for my children. I will know where they are going, who they are with, what their plans are, and when they will return home. I will ask whether there will be drugs or alcohol where they are going and if parents will be at home.
- Recognizing that access to alcohol and prescription drugs might tempt my child or any friends that visit our home, I will keep all forms of alcohol and dangerous prescription drugs in a secure storage place, and I will ensure my children know I am monitoring any alcohol and drugs I may have stored. I will dispose of unused medications appropriately.
- I will actively supervise all gatherings or parties of youth in my home or on my property, and will endeavor to have at least one responsible adult for every 30 youth. I will not allow youth to possess or use alcohol, marijuana, tobacco or other illegal or non-prescribed drugs in my home or on my property. I recognize that youth should not leave gatherings unsupervised and then return.
- I will honestly and in good faith communicate with any Decatur Parents Network parent of a child I personally observe engaging in risky behavior. If another parent shares a situation with me about my child, I will thank them for the information. I do not want to be judged, and I will endeavor not to judge others.

Contact us

310 North McDonough Street

Decatur, GA, 30030