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Welcome to Clan Guthrie USA

Sto Pro Veritate (I Stand For Truth)

Clan Guthrie-USA is a "full-service" fraternal non-profit organization. We participate in Scottish highland festivals around the country, offer catalog sales of Guthrie merchandise, and publish a newsletter. The clan also sponsors special events such as our reunion tours to Scotland in 1991, 1996, 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2015. Your next chance to tour with us is in 2020! Plans begin a year in advance. 

Clan Guthrie-USA, Inc. offers a choice of membership so you can choose the option that best fits your need. Basically the choice narrows down to whether you prefer a short term annual membership that is renewable annually or a long term life membership that never expires. The second decision is whether you want to receive copies of the Clan newsletter delivered by regular mail or not. To receive the Clan newsletter and other Clan correspondence by regular mail you must be a “full-member.” If you prefer receiving the Clan newsletter and correspondence electronically you may choose to be an “E-Member.” Please note that Full-Members may also access and download a copy of the Clan newsletter from the Clan web site (i.e., electronically), but only Full-Members will receive hard copy of the newsletter in the mail.

Full Membership dues for an annual membership are $30/year, which is slightly higher than an Annual E-Membership due to the added cost of postage. Life Membership dues are $500 and a 10-year membership is available for $250.

We hope those members who prefer to receive a hard copy of the newsletter will understand the need to pass these additional costs along. Most of those who have seen the downloaded “pdf” version of the newsletter have voiced a preference for this format because they are able to see the pictures in full color, they are able to print extra copies of the newsletter as they desire, and they are able to save and store their copies electronically without taking up extra storage space.

As Clan Guthrie-USA evolves we try our best to protect the interests of our Membership –

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Jason M. Himsey
5 Teri Lyn Ct

Fredericksburg, VA, 22406