Cambodian Culture Center of North Carolina

Greensboro, North Carolina

Purpose: CCC of NC is a 501(c) non-profit community organization. Our purpose is to  bring the Cambodian communities of North Carolina to work together, to share what we have which is our culture, to show what we know through different creative platforms and expressions, and most importantly, to provide space for young Cambodian-Americans to learn about their cultural heritage and then become ambassadors of their beautiful culture and share it with the greater North Carolina community and enrich it with the beautiful diversities from their own heritage.

CCC of NC promotes Cambodian cultural heritage through various programs such as Cambodian traditional dance classes and Cambodian literacy, which is free and open to everyone who wishes to share and celebrate our culture with us. We strive to build confidence in our young people and encourage a sense of community while celebrating our diversity. Other ways we achieve our goals are to host cultural events and also to join in different cultural programs hosted by other organizations.

Our children are our first mission. Secondary to that, CCC of NC serve as a support space for North Carolina’s Cambodian-American immigrant communities to help them adjust and integrate with their respective communities in North Carolina, through creating different networks and professional opportunities. 

Sharing Cambodian culture, educating Cambodian youths and helping our community! If you like what we do, please join us to help us do it bigger!

Contact us

Kimhun Thit - Chair | Dara Yin - President
2809 Liberty Rd.

Greensboro, NC, 27406