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1847 Pledge Challenge

Fellow Brothers,

Wow, what an extraordinary finish to the 1847 Campaign;

Congratulations Brothers, in the last 8 days, we have had brothers reaching out to brothers and connecting during this time of self-isolation.

We had over 601 Individual Brothers that have participated in the 1847 Challenge from 63 chapters from our circle, that was amazing. Out of our 63 participating Chapters, 16 chapters are elders only with no current active campus presence.

Before we get to the announcements, I'd like to thank and recognize everyone involved in making this challenge happen, with a special shoutout to each Chapter Champion who have led their chapters through this challenge:

Thomas Kirouac (Alpha Psi)

Stephen Pugh (Iota Delta)

John Spohn (Pi)

Roy Chau (Theta Xi)

Richard Wingert (Pi Tau)

Phillip Paschali (Alpha Theta)

Justin Michitsch (Alpha Mu)

Joshua Muscat (Gamma Psi)

And all those who reached out to another brother.


If you'd like to be a chapter champion, reach out and we'll contact you for the 2021 - 1847 Campaign; and obviously given that it's Alpha Theta's 20th anniversary, the overall title is already spoken for  :-)

And so without further ado:

Young Chapter Category - Chapter who have been founded less than 10 years

2020 proved to be an exciting year for young chapters, as Gamma Psi (University of Guelph), Psi Omicron (Paris Universities), and Kappa Delta (George Mason University) traded the lead several times over the last week. All three chapters are less than 5 years with Psi Omicron having been initiated a year ago, and Kappa Delta having been initiated less than ONE month ago. The future looks bright for our brotherhood. And the Winner is:

Gamma Psi, from the University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada with 20 brothers participating in the 1847 campaign this year. Congratulations brothers.

Other chapters:
Psi Omicron 15 - Paris Universities

Theta Omicron 12 - Trinity College, Dublin

Kappa Delta 9 - George Mason University

Zeta Tau 1 - Michigan State University

Omega Alpha 1 - University of Chicago

We had 6 out of 9 chapters (66.7%) participate from this category.

European Category - A Chapter on the European Continent (yes that includes the United Kingdom)

Psi Omicron (Paris Universities) kicked off the European Participation leading the Charge for Europe. Given that we started the campaign at 00:01 CET in Paris, they met the challenge. Theta Omicron (Trinity College, Dublin) really gave them a run over the course of the 1847 Challenge. But the French were not dissuaded and in the vein of great French victories, they persevered. We had a 100% participation in Europe with all Chapters represented in the Challenge.
Winner is:
Psi Omicron, from Paris Universities celebrate their first anniversary by winning the European Belt in the 1847 Challenge with 15 participating brothers. Felicitation mes freres, nous sommes fiers de vous, et on vous souhaite tout le succes en europe, merci.

Other chapters:
Theta Omicron 13 - Trinity College, Dublin

Iota Omicron 2 - Oxford University

Sigma Omicron 1 - University of St Andrews

As mentioned we had a 100% participation of all 4 European chapters, congratulations.

Canadian Category - A Chapter operating at a Canadian University.

The Canadian Category saw a heated competition, with Theta Xi (University of Toronto) taking the lead out of gate. Over the course of the week, the lead changes several time being shared at time between Alpha Psi (McGill University, Montreal), Theta Phi (Western University, London), Mu Theta (University of Alberta), and Alpha Theta University (University of Waterloo/Wilfred Laurier University). Just like 2019, we had a 100 % representation of Canadian Chapters with 14 out of 14 participating.

Winner is:

With back to back belts, Alpha Theta from the University of Waterloo/Wilfred Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada wins with 54 brothers participating. The Chapter rallied in the last 2 days reaching out to as many brothers as possible to clinch this two-peat. With Alpha Theta's (UW/ULW) 20th anniversary happening in 2021, will it be a three-peat? Congratulations brothers.

Other chapters:

Theta Phi 31 - Western University, London

Alpha Psi 22 - McGill University, Montreal

Gamma Psi 21 - University of Guelph

Theta Xi 13 - University of Toronto

We had 100% participation from all 14 Canadian Chapter in the 1847 Challenge.

US Category - A Chapter operating in an American University.

This was a wild ride with swings between Phi Epsilon (University of Maryland) and Pi Tau (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) almost on an hourly basis. However a massive surprise happened in the last day of competition with a surge by Rho Alpha (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Winner is:


Rho Alpha (MIT) is the winner of the US category with 33 brothers participating. Rho Alpha (MIT) rallied over the last 2 days to pull off the win. It'll be surprising for some. Congratulations Rho Alpha.

Other chapters:
Pi 26 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

Psi 17 - Cornell University, Ithica

Beta Tau 11 - Tulane University, New Orleans

Nu 10 - Case Western University, Cleveland

Delta Chi 10 - American University, Washington

Kappa Delta 9 - George Mason University

We had 42 out of 73 all American chapter on the roster representing a 57.5% participation rate.

1847 Challenge Grand Champion - Includes all participating Chapters of Zeta Psi across the world

Wow this was quite the year, with Phi Epsilon (University of Maryland) leading a coordinated drive to contact every Phi Epsilon (University of Maryland) brothers and Pi Tau (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) the 2019 defending champions fiercely defending their belt. In the weaning minutes of the Challenge brothers from Pi Tau (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) were rallying with a last pledge being made with minutes to go.

And for the first time in 4 years, we have 2 Grand Co-Champions of the 1847 Challenge with 94 brothers participating for both Phi Epsilon (University of Maryland) and Pi Tau (Worcester Polytechnic Institute). Congratulations brothers, this was a fitting end to an amazing competition, looks like next year we'll need to prepare for more intense competition.

Other Chapters:
Alpha Theta 54 - University of Waterloo/Wilfred Laurier University

Rho Alpha 33 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Theta Phi 31 - Western University, London, Ontario

Special Mentions for:
Psi Omicron 15 - Paris Universities (a Chapter celebrating their first anniversary)

Kappa Delta 9 - George Mason University (a Chapter that's been around less than a month)

We also have some special prizes graciously donated by Will Woldenberg (Beta Tau, '07) and his company Entegrit Corporation.

The following chapter will receive a special prize for their participation in the 1847 campaign:

1. First Chapter to 47: Pi Tau (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) was the first to reach 47 participating brothers, crossing that boundary on April 1, 2020. This special prize is intended to recognize the 1847 campaign and the significant year of 47.

2. First chapter to 73: Phi Epsilon (University of Maryland) was the first chapter to reach 73 brothers, crossing that boundary on the morning of April 3, 2020. This special prize is to recognize 173 Years of Zeta Psi History.

3. Largest participation: This year we had 3 extraordinary chapter that rallied in their young age to achieve participation rates of over 80% of all brothers. Gamma Psi (University of Guelph), Psi Omicron (Paris Universities), and Kappa Delta (George Mason University) have all shown an extraordinary ability to rally all their brothers to participate in the 1847 Challenge.

Results can be found here:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17rUdT9mIZ5x_m2x5fSSgZO29jE0EA3jQZ5Z-Z13kbvI/edit?usp=sharing

Congratulations to all the Chapters, I understand that we are in a global crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic on everyone's mind, and I hope that this challenge helped to bring our brother closer together, and please continue to reach out and be present for your brothers.

Always in Tau Kappa Phi,

John S Lee

Chair, 1847 Pledge Challenge





Goal achieved, but keep on going!


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