A campaign by Zeta Psi Fraternity

1847 Pledge Challenge

To all the Brothers of Zeta Psi and friends. 

We have done it, this 5th annual 1847 Pledge Challenge is officially over and we have some results for you. 

In 2021, We had 1242 participants representing 64 chapters. These results are nothing short of amazing as we've doubled the 2020 participation rates. 
Over 5 years, we've had 3557 pledges from 78 Chatpers. 

We had 701 American Brothers, 498 Canadian Brothers, and 19 European Brothers who are currently living in 10 countries and 5 continent take the 1847 pledge. 

A reminder of the categories: 
1. Grand Champion - The Chapter with the most Participants
2. US Champion - The American Chapter with the most Participants
3. Canadian Champion - The Canadian Chapter with the most Participants
4. European Champion - The European Chapter with the most Participants
5. Young Chapter Champion - A chapter that is 10 years or less with the most Participants

The winner can only win 1 championship. 

NEW Category: 
One amazing things that happened this year is the number of inactive chapters that have participated, and we wanted to create a new category for recognition that we've called the Phoenix Chapter as they too shall rise again. 

Another amazing thing that happened this year; some amazing brothers who wanted to make sure to honour and remember our fallen brothers, as such we have a created a Chapter Eternal to remember our fellow brothers wherever they may be. 

The 1847 committee also wanted to recognize Pierce Marshall (Beta Tau -Tulane '90) for being participant 1,000 in the Challenge, and reaching out goal.   Our final tally was 1,242 participants (and they're still coming in!).  We also wanted to call out Beta Tau, the point of the 1847 challenge is to drive participation and that is the number driving the competition, but Beta Tau,  Tulane - 39 donated over $15,618.39 to the Fraternity. 

The money collected will be used to help modernize the e-learning offerings to our undergraduate members, and allow Zeta Psi to deliver educational support through new remote tools to more undergraduate members. 

We also wanted to recognize Phi Epsilon, University of Maryland - 127 who were the first chapter to cross every milestones; first to 18, first to 47, first to 100, and for setting the pace for every chapter, many thanks. 

As you peruse the results below you may notice two new groups, and they are our colony at London School of Economics and our interest group in Greece! 

We also had a number of Friends join in the Challenge this year, who felt compelled to take the 1847 pledge with us in solidarity. 

But I won't belabor the point too much since you're obviously here for one thing, the winners: 

Grand Champion: 

Alpha Theta (University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University) - 162

With a strong surge in the waning hours of the competition Alpha Theta pushed itself over the hill to capture their first Grand Championship title on their 20th anniversary. They add this belt to their 2 previous Canadian Championship Belt. Philip Paschali (Alpha Theta '19) and Jordan Trecciola (Alpha Theta '20) are to be commended for their roles as co-champion of the chapter. 

US Champion: 

Phi Epsilon (Maryland University) - 127

Last year's Co-Grand Champions came out of the gate swinging with an impressive rally to push the chapter to new heights by becoming the first ever chapter to crack 100 participating brothers ever. They are a perennial force in the 1847 campaign and have been an impressive chapter throughout.  

Canadian Champion: 

Theta Xi (University of Toronto) - 122

The dates of the 1847 challenge are such to celebrate the founding of Theta Xi (University of Toronto) which made Zeta Psi an international Fraternity. The strength of Theta Xi (University of Toronto) was shown through their massive rally halfway through the challenge putting up impressive single day participation. They take home the Canadian Championship for the first time. 

EU Champion: 

Psi Omnicron (Paris University) - 9

Psi Omnicron (Paris University) takes the European Championship for two years running. This young chapter on the European continent is making waves and establishing itself as a force in the 1847 challenge.  

Young Chapter Champion: 

Zeta Tau (Michigan State University) - 37

An impressive rally by Zeta Psi (Michigan State University) helped them clinch the Young Chapter Championship. A brand new chapter they've shown guts by surpassing the 2020 US champion mark of 33. Well done. 

Phoenix Chapter: 

Gamma (Syracuse University) - 19

Gamma has shown us why they will be back in force soon with an impressive showing this year. 

If you would like to review the rankings, you can find a sheet here: 

Also a few people have been asking for historical information so this was compiled here and I hope to maintain it once a day for 2021 information: 

One a Personal note, I would like to thank all the volunteers and staff who have made it possible for our Amazing successes with this 1847 campaign. I also loved being able to chat with some of you and I look forward to the time where we can meet again in person to share a drink and embrace the strength of our brotherhood. 

Thank you Brothers, 

Always in Tau Kappa Phi, 

John S Lee, Alpha Theta '07
Chair, 1847 Challenge