WEF Annual Appeal 2019-2020


The Wiseburn Education Foundation (WEF) Board of Directors believes strong schools build strong communities. That is why, for over 20 years, we have been committed to creating dynamic community partnerships to support Wiseburn schools.
We are inspired by the creativity and innovation we see in our classrooms and our focus is to raise funds for essential student learning opportunities. Whether it be visual and performing arts education, physical fitness, STEAM programs, or classroom grants, we strive to help create a brighter future for all Wiseburn students.

Working directly with public school supporters — like you — allows WEF to remain a vital part of our community and secure the financial resources needed to deliver a top-notch public education. Please donate and help sustain these critical programs allowing our students to learn in a STEAM- rich environment. Donations of all levels are appreciated and tax deductible. However, we encourage parents of WUSD students to contribute $180 per child…only $18.00 per month. Help us reach 100% participation from every family. For you convenience, monthly installment plans are also available. Your contribution will enhance student learning throughout the district and support a stronger community.
Thank you for your generosity and support for all Wiseburn students!
Wiseburn Education Foundation
5309 W. 135th Street, Hawthorne, CA 90250 | www.WiseburnEdFoundation.org | Tax ID# 95-4583405


This campaign has ended