UHA II Smart Community Development Fund

Maintaining the Character and Safety of Our Community

Support Smart Development that Benefits Our Community and Oppose Bad Development

UHA II is a community-based resource focused on improving public safety and traffic conditions, supporting smart development, eliminating public nuisances.and resolving issues associated with bad developments such as The View condo project proposed to be built at Overhill & Stocker (UHA II filed a lawsuit against this project),

Help us oppose bad developments such as The View and support smart development such as improvements to the Slauson Avenue corridor business community.  We support positive development that serves our needs without harming our environment.

This is an ongoing community development fund and will help us protect the character and safety of our community.  The lawsuit to block development of the The View is just the beginning of our community development efforts.  This condo project is an illegal oddity that poses a danger to residents and nearby school children and would create a traffic nightmare.  Mark Ridley-Thomas and the entire Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors have totally ignored our concerns and taken our community for granted by approving this project despite our opposition.

We believe that our lawsuit presents a very compelling case to the court and we therefore ask you to donate to the UHA Community Development Fund to finance the cost of this lawsuit and to support the work of our attorneys to block “The View” and to empower UHA II to encourage smart development and repel other bad development proposals that jeopardize the health and safety of our community.

Thank you for your continued support, and we encourage all residents to get involved in the important work that UHA II is doing in our community around the issues of land use, public safety, nuisances, local schools and other key challenges that we face in the unincorporated Windsor Hills – View Park community and beyond. 

If you have already donated, we greatly appreciate your ongoing investment in the betterment of our community

UHA II Board of Directors




Raised so far of $100,000.00 goal