TETNA Neighborhood Signs

Residents of the Tosa East Towne neighborhood share something in common: the desire to make this a better place. To show our unity – and to bring awareness to the safe, fun and exciting events happening here – the TETNA board has moved forward with the process of designing an updated logo for display on new lamppost signs throughout the neighborhood.

To get started, the TETNA board has been in conversations with nearby neighborhoods that already have purchases signs, such as Inglewood and Pabst Park, and with the City of Wauwatosa to better understand the process and cost of creating and installing about 80 signs up and down the streets of Tosa East Towne. Exact sign specifications and locations are still being decided upon. Updates will be communicated through our various communications, including our website, emails and Facebook page.

As a wholly volunteer organization committed to creating a sense of community throughout our neighborhood, this exciting opportunity cannot be accomplished without the financial support of residents like you.

Note: Our goal is a rough estimate of the cost, but it could end up being a little more or a little less. Any amount raised in excess of the actual cost will be transferred to the Scholarship fund, so don't hesitate to give even if we are near or at the goal. Thanks!!

Giving Levels
$10 - Friendly Neighbor - Name on Website
$50 - Supportive Resident - Name on Website 
$100 - Engaged Member - Name in Newsletter, Name on Website
$250 - Community Partner - Sign of your very own, Name in Newsletter, Name on Website

This campaign has ended


Goal achieved, but keep on going!