We are taking the fight to the Radical Left Coalition coalition...

SSH FL is leading the fight to preserve our Veteran Memorials and other observances from being destroyed or removed in Florida by the Anti-American Radical Left.  It really is a free speech 1st Amendment, Culture War!  It has never been about Confederate Monuments - but about American Values, that were created, in large part by the South.
We have been successful in pushing back but there is much more work to be done!
We can continue to WIN against the Black Lives Matter coalition but only with your help today!  

Funds must be raised to continue the fight and an army of volunteers is needed to respond to "Calls to Action".

We need every supporter of American History & Heritage  to donate to the cause and join us in spreading our winning heritage strategy to every nook and cranny to save our Veteran War Memorials.

We've been called the "NRA of Southern Heritage" because of our winning strategy and tactics.  

If every supporter of saving Southern History and Heritage donated $5 today, we would have the resources we need to stand up to the haters and BLM all over the State.

What is American Heritage and History worth to your and your family?

Save Southern Heritage - FL was created to respond to the virulent attacks on all things Southern.
Organized in early 2016, we have been fighting every day to convert 'likes and shares' into effective activity.  We have may accomplishements abut have much more to do:

*Targeting scalawags in office 
*Helping loyal supporters in office
*Gathering and distributing information about attacks on Southern Heritage
*Training an army of Floridians who will confront the 'erasure' of Southern History
*Pushing for protection of Veterans memorials in governmental bodies

-Together we can!
Save Southern Heritage - FL

***Please consider a reocurring monthly donation****
This helps us build a predictable campaign budget.
After you choose the amount, make sure to chose reocurring.
Thank you.