Yearbooks for Seniors

100 Donors | $15/each
$1,500 by February 29th

As a Senior, the Yearbook is one of the things you look forward to as your High School career comes to completion. It’s an important memorabilia that commemorates your High School experience. As a community we come together each year to support Seniors to get a yearbook who might not be able to afford one on their own. This year there are more students than ever in need of support. Can you join us in our campaign to raise $1,500 by February 29th? Donate today! And thank you!

About Shorewood Experience:
Shorewood Experience is a dedicated pool of funds gifted to Shorewood High School by the Shorewood PTSA and other community donors. Going to High School and feeling part of the community is a proven strategy for preventing students from dropping out of school. The costs for being part of the community can be great for those who cannot even afford the basics. These costs include classroom fees, instrument rentals, dance tickets, theater tickets, caps and gowns, Senior Spree, yearbooks for seniors and so much more.
Students in need can access Shorewood Experience funds by referral from a Counselor, Family Advocate, Nurse, or other Shorewood staff member.

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Goal achieved, but keep on going!