Giving Tuesday

We’re raising money for Sanislo! It’s tax-deductible, easy to do, and $5-$50 will make more of a difference for your students and community than most things you can do this holiday season!

About Sanislo and The PTA
What an incredible roller coaster of a year we’ve had! We’ve reached the end of November, and our students are learning, growing, and thriving like never before. Despite classroom shuffles, fears of school closures, and so much uncertainty, we have proven that our Sanislo community is stronger because we stand together. Now, we’re asking for your support as we stand together again.

As we move into the holiday season, we at the Sanislo PTA are more focused than ever on providing for our students, teachers, and community. Thanks to some amazingly successful fundraisers this semester, we are hoping to prove that Sanislo is the little school with big dreams. We are a Title 1 elementary school. That means we have a high number of low-income families, and while the district supports our efforts as we strive to provide fair, equitable, and high-quality education and school-related opportunities, we need help to make that happen.

That’s where we all come in! Over the past year, the Sanislo PTA has supported our school with:
  • Faculty supplies, snacks, and classroom materials
  • School spirit t-shirts
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Reflections Art Contest
  • Mode Improv Theater Classes
  • Field Day and Jog-a-thon
  • Movie Nights
  • Staff appreciation week and First Day Teacher’s breakfast
  • 5th Grade Promotion
  • Extra funding for our library and reading tutor

The only way we do that is with your help.

This next week, we are raising money for the Sanislo PTA with a Giving Tuesday Fundraiser. We’ll be taking funds through the PTA Member Planet website as well as our Venmo account. We’re hoping to raise $2,000 and get donations from at least 30 people to support our amazing school. Please consider donating what you can AND spreading the word to those outside our little bubble. Whether you give $5 or $500 or share our efforts with your 500 social media followers, every little bit helps us give back to our incredible school.

Our PTA is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all of your donations are tax-deductible. That means, that if your employer or company does matching donations, your contributions can go even further!

This campaign has ended


Goal achieved, but keep on going!