Wednesday, March 6, 2024 is PEF’s 1Day 100K, a special day when the Palos Verdes Peninsula community comes together and raises $100,000 in 1 day to benefit all children at all 17 Palos Verdes public schools.

Our schools continue to require more money than they receive from the state to effectively and competitively educate our students. With your donations, PEF can continue to provide funding for programs and teachers that help maintain the reputation of excellence in all our public schools.

Staff and programs such as comprehensive counselors in all middle schools, elementary PE teachers, library aides, music teachers, STEM programs at all middle and high schools, the College and Career Center staff, academic counselors and more need your support so that our students can continue to thrive. 

Thank you for supporting our students and making them our highest priority. 

We would like 100% participation from school families – any amount makes a difference. Donate today! 


This campaign has ended


Goal achieved, but keep on going!