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2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of the National Women's Political Caucus.  NWPC recruits, trains, endorses, and supports pro-choice women candidates.  We cannot do this without contributions from our generous members and donors.  Help NWPC support women by providing the means to run for office.
We know that when women run, women win, & with your help, we can make sure that women are ready to run winning campaigns.
We invite you to join us by expanding gender parity with a tax-deductible contribution to the National Women’s Political Caucus of CA Women’s Leadership Education Fund. Your contribution will support disserving women who may not otherwise have the means.  Your contributio allows NWPC CA to offer campaign trainings FREE of charge to a diverse cross-section of women around the state by covering facilitator travel expenses & fees, as well as distribution of NWPC training materials, which are proven effective at helping women run for office at every level of government.
We need more women making decisions that affect women’s health, equal pay, family leave, maternity leave, & more.  Will you help NWPC CA help pro-choice, progressive women prepare to run for office by supporting the NWPC California Women’s Leadership Education Fund with your tax deductible contribution today? There are a number of ways that you can help: 
Benefits to all sponsors:  Your name or Company name & logo will appear on the NWPC CA Sponsors webpage, campaign training signage, & advertising. All sponsors will have the opportunity to address attendees during a luncheon at all trainings

In solidarity,
Sherri Loveland, VP Education & Training

Please note:  You will have the option of paying in installments or making your sponsorship a monthly contribution. In the payment option section, look for "Other Payment Options." If an option is automatically chosen, click on "Remove Installments" or "Remove Recurring Payment" to esure that you specifically choose your payment option.

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