Montlake PTA Annual Fund 2020 - 2021

Welcome! Much of what makes Montlake a nurturing, mind-expanding school is the financial support and volunteer time provided by you, our families, and friends.  

This is particularly true given our different start to the school year! We will be so happy when we can return to the physical classrooms. Our teachers and staff have been working so hard to make online learning a success and we appreciate them so much.   

We know these are challenging times for the Montlake community.  We all feel this and still, the PTA must acknowledge its promised financial support for Montlake Elementary.   In our Board discussions, the number one topic has been...WHAT WILL MONTLAKE LOOK LIKE NEXT YEAR? 

The PTA has historically raised funds to pay for teachers, staff, programs, and families in need in our immediate and wider community.  We do this through multiple fundraising activities, big and small.  

However, our fundraising activities are very limited this year due to COVID.  There is no Husky parking, limited items for the holiday greenery and candle sale and like last year, no live auction.   

That means the Annual Fund is the prime focus of fundraising. Fundraising efforts in the next 4-5 months will determine what changes to Montlake staffing and programs are coming for the 2021-22 school year.    How profound those changes will be is dependent on you!   

Yes, we are looking to you!

It comes down to two questions. Will you give? How much will you give? 

We want to be fully transparent.  There are funds available in PTA reserves. It just is not enough to cover next year and the years after without depleting those reserves.   

After the auction was cancelled last year, and with another year of limited revenue sources, we are projected to end this year with a loss of around $79K and we will not have enough money the following year to fund at the same level. 

Last February all parents received an email about the 20-21 budget process. That budget included a $184,000 staffing grant, and was approved and funded by you. The Building Leadership Team (consisting of Principal Pearson, Montlake teachers and two parent representatives) determines how the staffing grant money is spent. The PTA Board does not have any say.   

The Building Leadership Team and all of Montlake’s teachers/staff agreed to fund the following positions with the 2020-21 PTA staffing grant: 
  • Counselor (fully funded by PTA; 0.4 of a full-time salary = two days a week) 
  • Art Teacher (Half is funded by PTA to make up a full-time position) 
  • Library/Academic Interventionist/Tech Teacher (0.3 funded by PTA; combines with school funding for 0.8) 
  • Elementary Assistant (0.3 funded by PTA; combines with school funding for 0.8) 
  • Tutors (1.0 funded by PTA school funding for 2.0 = 3 total) 
We have set the ambitious goal of $115,000 this year to support funding for this year, next and beyond.  This is less than the overall need. Donating has never been more needed. 

Some families will be able to donate, but remember, many others are not able to in these challenging times.  Your support is all the more crucial.  If you gave last year, thank you!  Please consider giving more this year. 

Montlake Community School Association (the Montlake PTA) is an IRS approved Section 501©(3) public charity and a registered charity in Washington State. Our Federal Tax ID is 91-1117733. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.   

This campaign has ended


Raised so far of $115,000.00 goal