Montlake PTA Annual Fund

Welcome Montlake Elementary Community!

Despite an increase in funding from the legislature last year, public schools in Seattle are still drastically underfunded. At Montlake Elementary, support from parents and members of our community continues to provide critical funding to our school, not just fundamental programs like art, science, math and reading, but also programs that support our most vulnerable students, promote equity, and tackle an increasing achievement gap - the school counselor, reading and math tutors, and scholarships for enrichment activities. 

We are writing to invite you to join the community supporting Montlake Elementary and all the school does for our children. Montlake Elementary staff and teachers work together to create an affirming and inspiring learning environment.

Year after year, families and our community invest to support vital programs and positions that make Montlake Elementary a neighborhood treasure. Here’s what our community supports for Montlake kids:

Our goal is for every family at Montlake Elementary to participate, donating to the annual fund at the level that is right for them.

You can help ensure the positions and programs that will make Montlake Elementary an asset for our children into the future. The annual fund runs October 14 through December 6, 2019.

For more information on how to make the most of your donation, please see the donation tab on the Montlake PTA website.  

Thank you for your generosity and for investing in our children.

Sarah Rafton and Lisa Golden
Annual Fund Co-Chairs

EIN #91-1117733 


This campaign has ended