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Host a Fundraiser Dinner!

This campaign template is built to sell tickets to a fundraiser dinner. More than just a registration form, this template lets you easily register guests for a live event while simultaneously spreading your cause with a powerful online presence.

The default payment form features:
Child's ticket ($10)
Adult ticket ($15) 
Open donation field
(add items, customize pricing - make it work for you!)

When: 6:00pm - 8:00pm Thursday, March 2nd, 2013
Where: Belmont High School Cafeteria
To sign up: Click "Donate"

Everyone's gotta eat! Dinners are a fantastic way to give donors a convenient and fun way to help out a great cause. However, unlike an online-only campaign, live events can cost money to host. In "more Options" you can adjust the goal-meter to reflect a percentage of total funds transacted to show a more accurate net "funds raised" number.

Keep the form, colors, and banner as is, or customize it to your heart's content!
Use this space to share details about your event, why it's important, and how their funds will be used! Also, let your donors know they can still donate, even if they can't attend!


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