Hillsborough Libertarian Individual Donations

ALL DONATIONS, what ever the amount, are greatly appreciated.

We thank you for your single donation. 

We invite you to become a TORCH BEARER here in Hillsborough County.  

Will you buy Hillsborough Libertarians a drink?
We NEED YOU to CONTRIBUTE at least $9/mo to the Hillsborough Libertarians.
We have transitioned from a "wanna be" party to a full fledged grown up political party of local activists getting things done. 
This means we NEED FUNDS and we need them monthly and we NEED FUNDS FROM YOU.

We NEED 535 Hillsborough Libertarians (20%) to contribute $9.month on a recurring basis
to fund our vision of getting candidates elected and holding elected officials accountable.   This can be less than you pay for Netflix, a specialty coffee, a McD's meal, a lunch out or one drink at a bar.   Please buy LPHC a drink once a month.  Remember to contribute between your water and electric bill or set it up automatically at.... https://www.hillsboroughlibertarians.org/donate

Some of our CONTINUED and ongoing expenses
postal box, storage location, office headquarters, donor database, donation processing, donation appreciation gifts,  bank fees and state legal fees, website, email addresses, volunteer training, volunteer appreciation, copies to pass out at city, county and committee meetings, rack cards, outreach booth rentals, table cloths, banners, e-z up covers, table and chairs for booths, audio/video editing supplies and software,  office supplies, postage, and postcards, labels, printing costs. signs, sticks, poster paints, and yellow supplies like raincoats and banners for our marches.  These are all things before we even attempt to do big outreach events, recruite or support candidates for office.

DESIRED  Office/Storage Space for events, meetings, volunteer trainings,  meet the candidates, socials, and more.      When we get to this point we will indeed be a grown up party and will continue to be a FORCE to be recond with in Hillsborough County. 

#TogetherLPHCcan    #LPHillsborough  



Raised so far of $2,700.00 goal